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Welcome! Adam Cherrington here, founder and CEO of Cherrington Media.

This training, The 7 Pillars Of A Profitable Digital Business, is designed to be the 10,000 foot view of the opportunity you have inside the program. Most of my students revisit this video multiple times to get clear on the overall strategy I teach throughout the program, so please, be sure to do the same. If you feel yourself starting to get overwhelmed, just reel those feelings in and come back to this video. It’s designed to keep you grounded throughout the process and give you the understanding you need to hit a grand slam with this business model.

Now that I’ve said that, I want to dive right in because I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to get started.

There are 7 main pillars to this opportunity that I want to reveal to you now. Beat these pillars into your head, over and over again. Watch this video as many times as you need, until these pillars become second nature to you.

Here we go!

I’ve tried just about EVERY online business model over the past 20 years, but Affiliate Marketing via paid media (aka Affiliate Arbitrage) has consistently been my bread and butter. It’s easier, more predictable, and more scalable than every other model out there. So, what exactly IS affiliate arbitrage? It’s simply the art of using paid advertising, to promote affiliate offers, while trying to receive more in affiliate commissions than it cost you for the traffic. So, for instance… Let’s say you’re promoting a protein powder as an affiliate using Google Ads (there’s no way we would use Google or Facebook or anything like it, but just as an example), and let’s say the affiliate network you’re working with pays you $60 for every bag of powder you sell. Affiliate arbitrage, in this case, would be trying to pay Google less than $60 in ad spend to generate that sale. If you end up spending $40 in Google Ads to sell a bag, and in turn made a $60 commission for that sale, then you would have made $20 in profit. If you sold 10 bags/day at that $40 acquisition cost (or CPA, which stands for Cost Per Acquisition), that would be a $200 daily profit. If you sold 1,000 bags/day at that $40 CPA, that would be a $20,000 daily profit (which is doable btw if you hit on a home run marketing angle. Believe me, I’ve made as much as $800,000 profit in a single month because of it).

Here are just some of the many additional perks of the affiliate arbitrage model:

-You don’t have to learn confusing platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Clickfunnels, or WordPress…I don’t do any of that stuff!
-You don’t have to know how to build a complete website…Again, I have NO DESIRE to be building websites!
-You don’t have to create a product or service of your own.
-Since you don’t own the product or service, you don’t have to apply for merchant processing.
-You don’t have to deal with the headaches of customer support…PRAISE. THE. LORD.
-You don’t need an existing audience base or following to get started…When I started my arbitrage business, no one had a CLUE who I was…and I was able to profit in my first week!
-You can track ROI in real time because, as an affiliate, you are paid on the front-end sale…

Again, these are just SOME of the many perks of the affiliate arbitrage model. So, take it from a guy who knows this stuff inside and out, and don’t bounce from model to model thinking the pasture is greener on the other side. Rest assured that this business model you’re putting into place is solid, has been around since the beginning of the internet, and is built on tried-and-true Direct Response marketing principles, used by many of the wealthiest marketers on the planet.

So, remember, Affiliate Arbitrage is where it’s at!

Now that we’ve set it in our minds that affiliate arbitrage is where it’s at, and we’re not going to entertain the idea of ANY OTHER BUSINESS MODEL, it’s time to figure out which market we want to work in.

I’ll be the first to tell you that this can be a daunting task, especially if you’re brand new to affiliate marketing. Fortunately, you have an industry veteran like me to help you make your decision here. And I’m going to make it easy for you.

Now, before I give you my opinion on what you should be promoting, let me just say that there are MANY markets that are proven to convert online. You don’t just have to work in the one that I’m about to suggest, but given my experience with this affiliate arbitrage model, you might want to listen up…

Over the past 20 years, I’ve promoted in just about every market out there. But… what I’ve found to be the top performing market, in terms of consistency, reliability, scale, and good ol’ net profit, is none other than… HEALTH & WELLNESS. Specifically, health SUPPLEMENTS.

For the past 20 years, my team and I have operated almost EXCLUSIVELY in the health supplement market.

Health supplements TRULY rule the net. And not JUST the net. Currently, the supplement market is a $300 BILLION dollar market. And it’s only projected to keep going up, especially in this post-pandemic world. Its size trumps most other major markets, and it’s where we want to be operating as affiliates. There are just so many people looking for health cures and fixes of all sorts, and they want instant gratification, which is why supplements are so appealing. Everyone wants to just pop a pill and have their problems disappear. The price points are also so low that the masses can afford them, which means we can scale on cold traffic!

*Included with enrollment is access to hundreds of Health & Wellness supplements via 7 exclusive affiliate network relationships. My team has run millions of dollars through these networks, so they have agreed to auto-approve all my students. You won’t need to hunt for offers to promote!

So, remember, Health & Wellness Rules the Net.

Once we’ve determined WHAT we will be promoting (Health supplements), it’s time to determine WHO we will be promoting them to.

This pillar might come as a surprise to many of you. I had actually been marketing online for 6 years before I discovered that approximately 80% of the money that flows through the internet (and the world) comes from women in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s! It’s just a fact. They buy EVERYTHING!! Men make the money, and the women spend it. If you do some basic research, you’ll see it’s not a stereotype…it’s actually true. So, who do you think we want to be marketing to?! Yea… those women, right?! It’s a no-brainer! And think about it just for a second… “health & wellness supplements” … Yea, those are the types of products women in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s eat up! And as you’ll soon find out, selling to this demographic is like shootin’ fish in a barrel!

I’ll say it again… There are many demographics you can successfully market to online, but if you’re following my lead on this, the 40+ Female demographic is where you will want to focus. My team has had the greatest success with this specific demographic, and we will teach you the most cost-effective method for getting in front of them.

So, remember, Only Promote To 40+ Females!

Once we’ve determined WHAT we’ll be promoting (Health Supplements), and WHO we’ll be promoting them to (40+ Females), it’s time to decide WHERE we will be promoting them. And that is… through email.

Now, I want to be clear here, because most of the time when people think of email marketing, they think of collecting opt-in subscribers by giving away some sort of e-book, whitepaper, or video course…and sending those subscribers daily follow-up emails in hopes of selling something.

That’s NOT what we’re going to be doing here.

We’re going to be FINDING the people who HAVE those big email lists, and then running ads inside the emails they send to their subscribers. Totally different. There’s no list management, where we must collect and store emails in an autoresponder like Aweber or Mailchimp. We’re not trying to build lists like that. We’re letting other people do the hard part of building and managing those lists, then simply placing ads inside the emails they send to those lists.

Ultimately, what we want to master is the art of turning advertising dollars into profit, and I’ve found no better paid traffic channel to do this in, than email. And if you weren’t already aware, email list owners LOVE to sell ads in their emails. Sometimes they look like banner ads, which are technically called email sponsorships…and sometimes they look like solo advertisements, which are called dedicated emails.

Here are some of the many perks of email traffic:

-The amount of scale with this channel is enormous because of the vast amount of email lists out there.
-Many newsletters go out daily, giving advertisers like us ample inventory to buy.
-Many lists are in the 1 million+ subscriber range, which deliver in full within a few hours, so we can get in front of these massive audiences almost instantly (which means big-time traffic).
-Most savvy email list owners make the bulk of their money from their list, so they take good care of their subscribers, and clean their list regularly, which means our ads will only be shown to responsive audiences.
-With email, we don’t have to mess with complicated, ever-changing platforms like Google or Facebook. Period.
-Email list owners are also WAY more lenient with the types of advertisements we can run, than say a network like Google or Facebook. Ads don’t get rejected. Accounts don’t get disabled, etc. In all my years doing this, I’ve never had a single ad rejected, and I’ve certainly never lost my ability to advertise.
-Email traffic is also somewhat warmer than other traffic channels, because the subscriber has already opted into the list, and has said they are willing to receive emails from that list owner. Because of this, they are more open to the advertisements that come FROM that list owner. So, the traffic tends to convert better than say cold traffic from Facebook and Google.
-There is FAR less competition in this channel because most people just don’t know about it. Most everyone who thinks of advertising on the internet thinks of Google and Facebook. It takes some real insider information to get into email traffic, and that’s where you now have a huge advantage over your competition… You now know me!

Again, these are just some of the perks of email traffic. I’ve ran paid traffic in every channel out there, Email, Native, Display, Programmatic, Social, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Reddit Ads, etc. You name it, I’ve done it. And Email takes the cake. My team has consistently seen the most scale and best ROI with email.
*Included with enrollment are hundreds of underground list management companies, brokers, publishers, and networks that all allow you to place ads within their newsletters. You won’t be left wondering where to buy advertising!

So, remember, Email Traffic is King!

Once we’ve determined WHAT we’ll be promoting (Health Supplements), WHO we’ll be promoting them to (40+ Females), and WHERE we will be promoting them (Email), it’s time to learn HOW to promote them in the most effective manner.

This is a crucial pillar to understand here, so listen up!

First, a little industry information for you…

If you recall, from the previous pillar, there are 2 types of email advertisements: Email Sponsorships & Dedicated Emails. Both are fairly pricey, but it’s important to note that dedicated emails are going to cost you significantly MORE than email sponsorships. You will pay anywhere from $1.50 - $3.00/click on average for a Dedicated. And it’s probably obvious why… You own 100% of the real estate in the email that gets sent out! The email you pay for here is exclusive to your advertisement, so the amount of traffic you get is exponentially more than what you would see with a sponsorship, which is often tucked away under loads of other newsletter content. Pretty easy to understand, right? And because the list owners know this, they’re able to bump up their rates for dedicated emails. Dedicateds are where you want to end up as this is where you will achieve the most scale, but it’s NOT where you want to be testing.

And while Email Sponsorships aren’t as expensive as Dedicateds, they still fall in the range of $0.50 - $1.20/click, which also is not ideal for testing. So how do we combat these high prices, so we don’t lose our shirt?

That’s where our 3-Phase approach to traffic comes into play.

At Cherrington Media, we take the following 3-phase traffic approach for all campaigns:

Phase 1: During Phase 1, we test as inexpensively as possible with what are called Push Ads, which range anywhere from $0.15 - $0.30/click. You shouldn’t need to spend any more than $1,000 in this phase to find your winning marketing materials. If you’re not familiar with the Push channel, not to worry, we go into great detail in the program. We’ve also had our own in-house ad platform built (included in the program) that makes buying this type of media a breeze.

Phase 2: In Phase 2 we take the marketing materials that showed the most promise from our Push Ad testing and scale them up with Email Sponsorships. Phase 2 is where you will see your first profits and be able to begin scaling. We have several students spending over $5k/day at 50+% ROI just on Phase 2.

Phase 3: Phase 3 is reserved for Dedicated Emails, and for your BEST assets. We only want to run the absolute best/most proven ads and landing pages on Dedicateds, because again, they are the most expensive placement. To give you an idea of the level of scale that can be achieved on this placement, my team spends $50k/day on average every Q4, for the entire quarter. Scale can be enormous here, but it takes the best of the best marketing to compete.

So, to reiterate, we test small with Push Ads, then move into email sponsorships, and when you hit on an advertisement that gives you a profit, then roll that out to more expensive dedicated placements. This way you have the best chance of not losing your shirt and hitting a homerun your first time at bat.
So, remember, Test with Push Ads, and Scale with Sponsorships & Dedicateds.

Now we’re getting to the heart of what makes our program so effective…

If you’re not aware, affiliate marketing is EXTREMELY competitive, so in order to compete and WIN you will need an edge. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with The Cherrington Experience™.

The two main ways we deliver this edge are via our Proprietary Software and our in-house team of virtual assistants that will man the software and build out all marketing materials for you.

Let’s first talk about the importance of outsourcing for a moment, and then we can dive into our software.

You MUST, MUST, MUST, be outsourcing your marketing materials. As an affiliate, these materials will be your ads and your landing pages. Believe me, you don’t want to be spending your time here, especially when you can fill these positions with people who are MUCH more experienced than you at design, HTML, web code, and copywriting. I currently employ 27 Filipino experts, and I wouldn’t be able to operate at such high levels of scale if I was doing everything myself. There’s just no way. It’s common sense. They say 2 heads are better than 1, right? Well, I say 27 heads are better than 1!

And that’s why we’re including 8 of our top VA’s for you to use to build out all of your marketing materials. You won’t have to build a single ad or landing page during our time together. You won’t even need to personally use our software if you so choose. Our team can do all the building for you, saving you hundreds of hours and countless dollars in the process.

Let me stress, you DO NOT want to be the one “working” your business. The whole point of having a business is to free up your time so you can do the things you want to do. You only want to be working the business long enough to put proven processes in place, that you can then fill with dependable, hardworking people that can work those processes for you. That’s it. We are entrepreneurs. We are not the cogs in the machine.

Now, for the proprietary software…

I’ve spent over $700,000 of my own money developing several software’s and web applications that are NOT sold anywhere else. These were built for my team to automate the parts of the strategy that move the needle the most. They are indispensable. The business will not work without them. I’ve designed the entire strategy AROUND the software, and for good reason. They will allow you to single-handedly produce the work of 30 employees and accomplish in days what would normally take months.

I want to give a brief overview of each software now to give you an idea of what they will help you achieve. More in-depth video training over each software can be found in the main navigation above.

First up, we have our two Chrome extensions that will help you find and resize images for your ads and landing pages; ScrapeBot™ and CropBot™.

Chrome Extension #1: ScrapeBot™ helps you find and download images from Google Images. Simply open up Google, perform an image search, then click on the extension to run in a new tab. You’ll be able to select any number of images to use in your marketing, then download them immediately to your computer. Easy. Download 5 images or 500. ScrapeBot™ makes finding imagery for your ads and landing pages a breeze.

Chrome Extension #2: CropBot™ allows you to resize the images you just downloaded with ScrapeBot™, and resize them to the dimensions you need for your marketing materials. Simply upload however many images you need to resize into CropBot™ by clicking on the extension icon, selecting the images to upload, setting the dimensions of the crop, positioning the crop frame over the most photogenic portion of each image, and finally generating the perfectly sized images with a click of a button.

Next up we have our 6 web applications, which are the core of the software suite…

Core App #1: Every decent affiliate marketer will need a landing page at some point. The days of running good ol’ direct link campaigns are pretty much over, so to compete you’re going to need to be promoting one of several types of landing pages. And how are you going to build those pages in record time? With Flexy™, our drag and drop landing page app. After just one use of this amazing page builder, you will see how much love we’ve put into this thing. Your pages sit in the Amazon cloud and load lightning fast, increasing your conversion rates on paid media. Our custom templates (designed around the core funnels taught in the program) will also have you up and running within minutes. Want to use your own domain? Flexy can do that. Want to clone winning pages or entire sites? Flexy can do that too. Ditch your Clickfunnels or hosting account and save some money. Flexy™ is included with enrollment.

Core App #2: This app is going to be KEY for seeing success on paid media. If you’ve been in the digital marketing game for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of split testing…but you haven’t seen it done like this! This app alone is going to increase your marketing chops by 1,000%. It’s called MetricMover™, and it will allow you to create and test hundreds of landing pages at once. Test headlines, sub-headlines, hero shots, lead paragraphs, new page layouts, call to actions... It’s fully integrated with Flexy so any element on your page can be tested. This app has added millions in yearly revenue for my team. I have a saying, “He who tests the most, makes the most,” and with MetricMover™ in your arsenal, you now have a practical way to test your pages at scale and make some bigtime money.

Core App #3: MetricMover™ is also fully integrated with our 3rd core app, DIYTrax™, our url rotator and tracker. Upload your MetricMover™ pages into a DIYTrax™ campaign and rotate through each page to find the winners. DIYTrax™ allows you to track, test, and optimize campaigns across multiple traffic sources with "On-the-Fly" control. Add or edit new pages and offers in rotation without having to know a lick of code. It’s simple interface allows you to quickly adjust rotation on the fly, in real-time, to squeeze out the most profit.

Core App #4: The 4th app on the list is my personal favorite, called PixelPress™. I created this tool to bulk create and split test banner ads of all sizes. There's really nothing like this out there for traffic guys like us. Since winning at the traffic game comes down to testing, I had this little gem created to quickly test headlines, body text, calls to action, images, and layouts on my banners. Choose from a variety of templates for all common banner sizes. Forget complicated software like Photoshop. With PixelPress™, you can create literally THOUSANDS of banner variations in minutes, leaving your competition in the dust.

Core App #5: App #5 is our lightning-fast personal ad server called Blaze™. You likely won’t be using this piece of software until you’re ready to scale, but it will become your best friend once you’re there. Every direct buy you run will use Blaze™ as the ad server. Our “ad block” strategy, which allows us to test our ad ideas for free, also uses Blaze™ to deliver your ads in exit pops and native ad spots on your landing pages. Be sure to watch the full Blaze™ training series in the main navigation when you’re ready.

Core App #6: The 6th and last app we have available is called NoEscape™. This handy little app allows you to trigger any number of exit pops, tabovers, and/or popunders on your landing pages. Add 5 pops or 500. NoEscape™ will rotate through them all and tell you which ones perform the best. This app has added a consistent 20% boost in revenue for my affiliate company since adding it to our pages.

Now that you have an “Edge,” let’s talk about the last Pillar…

Ok, this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road.

I want to be CRYSTAL clear here. This is a BUSINESS. To have success with ANY business, you’re going to need to work at it. And it’s not going to come easily, especially if you’re brand new to this. You’re going to have days when you want to throw in the towel and give up. Listen, I get it. I have been there. DOZENS of times, if not hundreds. But I want you to know something… it’s normal. Anyone who has aspired to achieve anything great, has experienced opposition. And in my experience, and from what I’ve observed, the greater the aspiration, the greater the opposition. If you have a big dream, you can count on people, circumstances, life to come against that dream.

What you must cultivate in your heart, is a TENACITY to persevere. You must choose the dream, over the temptation to give up. Daily. It’s easy to give up. Most people give up. But you are not most people. In fact, if you’ve made it this far through the video, I’d say you’ve actually been CALLED to this, and its exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Allow these 7 pillars to work for you, as they have for me and hundreds of my students over the years. Don’t sway from them, even an inch. Trust me, if I can do it, you can do it too.


So, remember, you are made for BIG things.

This is YOUR time on the earth, so PLAY BIG!

...It's now time to head to the Zoom calls for a deep dive into the business!