90-Day Performance Guarantee For The Cherrington Experience™

Welcome to The Cherrington Experience™ Mentorship Program. We are committed to your success and firmly believe in the transformative power of this mentorship. To ensure a meaningful and result-oriented journey, we proudly offer a 90-Day Performance Guarantee. This guarantee reflects our confidence in the mentorship's efficacy and your potential for success.

Commitment to Excellence

Our program is designed to guide you comprehensively through the intricacies of affiliate marketing. By following our structured approach and actively engaging in all aspects of the mentorship, we're confident that you'll experience significant growth in your marketing skills and strategies. Our guarantee is not just a promise; it's a testament to the success our students have consistently achieved.

Action-Based Refund Guarantee: A Partnership in Success

We understand that commitment and effort are two-way streets. As such, our action-based refund guarantee is a pledge from both sides - ours to provide top-notch guidance and resources, and yours to dedicate yourself fully to the learning process. We emphasize the importance of 'pivoting' and adapting strategies based on data insights, a critical skill for thriving in the dynamic world of affiliate marketing.

Why This Strategy Works

The success of our mentorship lies in its holistic and integrated approach. Attempting to blend our strategies with disparate methods can undermine the effectiveness of the program. We encourage you to immerse yourself in the learning process, actively participate in group discussions, revisit our training materials, and trust the process that has led countless students to achieve financial independence and success.

Your Opportunity for Success

This mentorship is more than just a learning program; it's a gateway to creating a successful business. We are here to support you every step of the way, but your commitment and dedication are paramount. If you're ready to fully embrace this opportunity, we're confident that you won't find a better path to success in affiliate marketing.

Qualifying for the Guarantee

*To qualify for the 90-Day Performance Guarantee, certain criteria must be met. These criteria are designed to ensure your active participation and commitment to the program. They include:

Purposeful Engagement Beyond Attendance

At Cherrington Media, we believe that active engagement is key to harnessing the full potential of our affiliate marketing mentorship. To meet the first criterion of our 90-Day Guarantee, participants are required to attend a minimum of 20 live Zoom calls within a 90-day period. However, attendance alone is not enough. We emphasize the importance of meaningful participation in these sessions.

Active Participation and Questioning

Your involvement in these calls should be interactive and proactive. We encourage you to:

- Ask Questions: Engage with our expert coaches by asking insightful questions. This shows your willingness to learn and apply new concepts.
- Implement Suggestions: Actively apply the advice and strategies discussed during the calls. Implementation of these suggestions is crucial for your growth and the mentorship's success.

Effective Communication and Visibility

To foster a conducive learning environment, it's essential that:

- Clear Communication: Ensure your audio and video are clear during the calls. This enables effective communication and allows our coaches to provide tailored guidance.
- Visibility: Our coaches appreciate putting a face to the name. Your visible presence during the calls aids in building a more personal and effective coaching relationship.

Accountability and Growth

By adhering to these guidelines, you not only comply with the mentorship's requirements but also set yourself up for significant professional growth. Your active participation is a testament to your commitment to success in affiliate marketing.

Remember, these calls are an opportunity for you to gain insights, clarify doubts, and receive personalized advice from seasoned professionals. Make the most of this resource to accelerate your journey towards achieving your marketing goals. Our live Zoom call schedule is available HERE.

Importance of Timely and Strategic Reviews

For the second criterion of our 90-Day Guarantee, we require participants to complete at least five marketing reviews conducted by our expert coaches. These reviews are strategically scheduled to provide you with the most benefit at critical stages of the marketing process. To ensure you receive the full advantage of these reviews:

- Request Reviews at Specified Times: It's imperative that you request these marketing reviews precisely when they are scheduled in the mentorship. This timing aligns with key phases in your marketing development.

- Immediate Implementation: Upon receiving feedback from our coaches, implement the suggested changes as soon as possible. This swift action is crucial for maintaining momentum and making continuous progress.

Acknowledgment and Confirmation Process

- Acknowledgment of Implementation: Before you proceed to the next step in the mentorship, you are required to formally acknowledge that you have implemented our coaches' suggestions. This is a critical part of the process, ensuring that you are moving forward with the most effective strategies in place.

- Confirmation from Our Team: After your acknowledgment, our team will review your implementation and confirm via email that it is satisfactory and that you are ready to move on to the next phase. This confirmation ensures that you are on the right track and that the changes made are in line with our expert advice.

- Accessible Reviews: Our Personalized Marketing Reviews are readily available HERE. We encourage you to utilize this resource to its fullest to enhance your marketing strategies.

Leveraging Expert Advice for Success

The purpose of these reviews is not just to provide feedback but to ensure that you are applying the best practices in your marketing efforts. Each review is an opportunity to refine your approach, learn from experienced professionals, and adapt your strategies for maximum effectiveness. Your commitment to this process is essential for your success in our affiliate marketing mentorship.

Leveraging Expert Assistance for Efficient Marketing Development

As a crucial part of our 90-Day Guarantee, we require participants to actively utilize our professional team of Virtual Assistants (V.A.s) for building out their marketing materials. This criterion is designed to accelerate your progress and enhance the quality of your marketing efforts.

Why Use Our V.A. Team?

- Expertly Trained Professionals: Our V.A. team has been personally trained by Adam, ensuring they are well-versed in the latest and most effective marketing strategies.

- Quick and Efficient Execution: With their expertise, our V.A.s can expedite the process of creating and optimizing your marketing materials, saving you valuable time and effort.

- Insight into Effective Strategies: Our V.A.s have a keen understanding of what works in the current market and are proficient in using our proprietary tools.

- Advantage of Professional Help: By leveraging their skills, you gain a significant advantage in developing a more effective and competitive marketing approach.

Demonstrating Utilization of Our V.A. Team

- Showcasing Correspondence: To fulfill this criterion, you need to provide evidence of your engagement with our V.A. team. This includes correspondence such as emails or messages that demonstrate your active use of their services in developing your marketing materials.

- Collaborative Approach: It's important that your interaction with our V.A. team is collaborative. Seek their advice, provide feedback, and ensure that the materials developed align with your marketing goals and the mentorship's guidelines.

Accessing Our V.A. Team

- Easy Accessibility: You can access our team of professional V.A.s HERE. We encourage you to take full advantage of this resource to optimize your marketing strategies and streamline your progress.

Maximizing Your Marketing Potential

Utilizing our V.A. team is not just a requirement but a strategic decision to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Their expertise and insights are invaluable assets that can significantly impact your success in the mentorship. Engage with them actively and let their proficiency guide you towards achieving your marketing objectives.

Essential Financial Transparency and Reporting

In the fourth criterion of our 90-Day Guarantee, we emphasize the importance of maintaining and sharing a comprehensive Profit & Loss (P&L) Spreadsheet with our support team. This requirement is vital for monitoring your financial performance and making informed decisions.

Regular Updating and Milestone Notifications

- Daily Updates: Your P&L Spreadsheet should be updated daily to reflect the most current financial status of your marketing efforts.

- Ad Spend Milestones: Notify our support team at [email protected] when you reach each of the following ad spend milestones: $2,000, $4,000, $6,000, $8,000, and $10,000.

- Timely Alerting: It's crucial to inform our team at these milestones, allowing us to provide timely suggestions for improvement.

Implementation and Verification of Suggestions

- Mandatory Implementation: To qualify for the guarantee, you must not only alert our team but also implement the suggestions provided by our coaches.

- Coach Verification: After implementing these suggestions, our coaching team must verify via email that the necessary changes have been made. This verification is essential for you to proceed to the next phase of the program.

- Required Redoing: If our coaches advise that certain aspects need to be redone, these revisions must be completed before moving forward. This ensures that all strategies and tactics are aligned with the best practices and advice of our experienced professionals.

Importance of Compliance and Responsiveness

This criterion is designed to ensure that you are not only financially aware and responsible but also actively engaged in improving your strategies based on expert advice. Your responsiveness to our suggestions and the accuracy of your financial reporting are key components of your success in the program. By fulfilling these requirements, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in your affiliate marketing journey.

Commitment to Rigorous Testing and Optimization

The fifth and final criterion of our 90-Day Guarantee focuses on your investment in advertising. We require that you spend a minimum of $10,000 USD on ads using the specific traffic sources taught within our program. This significant investment is key to testing, refining, and ultimately finding a successful marketing campaign.

Understanding the Ad Spend Requirement

- Minimum Spend Threshold: Spending at least $10,000 in ad spend is crucial for adequately testing and tweaking your marketing strategies. It's a process that allows you to understand what works best in real-world scenarios.

- Specific Traffic Sources: The ad spend should be on the traffic sources specifically recommended in our program. This ensures that your efforts are aligned with our proven strategies.

Milestone Notifications and Approvals

- Alerting at Milestones: As with the previous criterion, it's important to notify our support team at the ad spend milestones of $2,000, $4,000, $6,000, $8,000, and $10,000. This can be done by emailing [email protected].

- Approval from Coaching Team: Before proceeding past each milestone, you must receive approval from our coaching team. This approval is based on their assessment of your campaign's performance and the effectiveness of your ad spend.

- Incorporating Suggestions for Improvement: It's essential that you give our team time to weigh in with suggestions for improvement at each milestone and implement these before proceeding further. This collaborative process ensures that your ad spend is being utilized in the most effective way possible.

The Role of Strategic Investment in Success

This criterion emphasizes the importance of a strategic and well-managed investment in advertising. By meeting this requirement, you demonstrate your dedication to the process and your willingness to invest in finding the most fruitful marketing strategies. Your active engagement with our coaching team and adherence to their guidance are critical to optimizing your ad spend and maximizing the potential for success in your affiliate marketing endeavors.